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Our Story

Patricia De Maria lived her life as a loving mother, devoted wife and dedicated nurse.

She enjoyed using her time to help others, listen to those in need, and inspire all to see the world through a child's eyes. The gleam in Tricia's own eyes when she interacted with a child was the same as when she lit candles for her guests on Christmas Eve or watched her family open presents on Christmas Day. She would leave her Christmas CD's in the car and listen to them all year long. She embodied Christmas and she loved children.


With great shock to friends and family, Tricia passed away suddenly in June 2018.


During Christmas shopping a year later, her son Anthony and daughter-in-law Vanessa felt a void in not being able to buy their Mom Christmas gifts. After praying, they decided to take the money they had set aside for her and buy toys to donate on her behalf. Shortly after, the family spoke about yearly donations and Tricia's Kids was born.


Patricia's family: Tom, Katherine, Anthony, Vanessa and Valentina Patricia along with their friends and family, and all that support their efforts, invite you to join in Tricia's legacy and bring joy to children this Christmas.

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